Verne Timsun

Timsun is the baker of Rigg, baking hot breads, rolls, pastries, and other such simple stock from local grains, along with his wife.

His son, Timothy, fell victim to a swarm of undead while the boy had taken shelter during the storm in a cave just north of the City of Rigg. The boy survived to tell the tale, but did not survive, despite the best efforts of Gulliver the Paladin.

Still in shock from the loss of his boy, he was provided a minor balm when the Motley Crew returned his son’s small fishing boat to him, fully repaired. As Thomas the Pirate explained to the rest of the Crew, “I’m never one to steal another man’s ship – At least not if there’s nothing to be gained from it.”

The baker was grateful, and provided the Crew with several baked goods as compensation, which were heartily accepted.

Verne Timsun

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